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My silkscreen prints (sometimes called serigraphs) are based mostly on my own photographs that I render into multi-color designs using a computer graphics program called Photoshop. Each color is then turned into a stencil that is printed on translucent paper and then overlaid on a silkscreen that has been coated with photo-sensitive emulsion. When the screen is exposed to bright light, the emulsion is "developed" except for areas blocked out by the stencil. Those areas can then be washed out of the screen with a fine spray of water, leaving open areas that will allow ink to be squeegeed through the screen onto paper. This process is repeated with each color, taking care to align them as closely as possible to replicate the original design. This is all a very exacting process and, if you look very closely, you may find places where the colors do not quite align. Like the scars on fine leather, these "flaws" are proof of the authenticity of handmade silkscreen prints.

I generally limit each print run to about 20 copies. In some cases, however, I print the original design directly onto acid-free, quality art paper using an ink jet printer, creating what is known as a giclee print. These prints can be made on demand and, thus, are not limited editions.

All prints come signed but unmatted and unframed. For an additional fee, I can professional mat and frame any print.


To purchase any print, please click on Purchase/Contact.

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